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Physical Science A SY 22-23

Physical Science A SY 22-23


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Full course description

The Physical Science course is designed to continue student investigations of the physical sciences and provide students the necessary skills to have a richer knowledge base in physical science. This course is designed as a survey course of chemistry and physics. This curriculum includes the more abstract concepts such as the conceptualization of the structure of atoms, motion and forces, and the conservation of energy and matter, the action/reaction principle, and wave behavior. Concepts are developed and reinforced using Internet-based and home laboratory activities, historical perspectives, and practical applications. Simple mathematical problem solving is an integral part of the course. Topics covered include: Scientific Method and Metrics, Forces and Motion, Heat & Temperature, Work and Energy, Electricity and Magnetism, Light and Optics, Sound and Waves, Matter, The Atom and Periodic Table, Solution Chemistry, Organic and Radioactivity. Physical Science counts towards satisfying the fourth science requirement for graduation and admission to a Georgia four-year college or university. This course has been approved by the Board of Regents as a fourth science.